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Immanuelights tour Saskatchewan

students performing in a black light theatre with neon words in the background
Black light theatre performance

On Tuesday, February 11, 12 Immanuelights students from Immanuel Christian Secondary School, 3 chaperones, 2 Immanuelight leaders and 1 bus driver from ICSS boarded a bus and headed to Regina to perform at some local area schools. The group is led by Charles and Charlene Van den Akker who work with the students every Wednesday after school and sometimes on Saturdays. They are committed to training and equipping students to work in community with each other and to use Black Light Theatre as a unique way to share God’s message of hope and grace with others.

Despite harsh roads and a broken bus the students witnessed many of God’s blessings through their interactions with their peers and through the graciousness of the schools we visited. On Thursday morning the Immanuelights performed for K-8 students at Regina Christian School and had an overwhelming positive response from students. After a lunch with some of the student from Regina that are in Drama or Choir, the Immanuelights led a workshop where the students took a leader ship role in showing the students how they train and prepare for practicing and then in small groups, taught the Regina students 5 different routines which they all performed together at another mini show at the end of the day. Students spend the rest of the evening relaxing and swimming and sharing in devotions together.

On Friday morning the Immanuelights were able to visit Stone Hall Castle in Regina and take a tour. It was very interesting and informative! From there the group headed to Saint Teresa’s School where they had a very quick set up and performed for K-8 students. Once again, the response was great awe and excitement over such a unique way of seeing and hearing different songs and of sharing God’s word. At the end of the show, the middle school students stayed behind to share some gratitude and encouragement to the group. After watching the group end the show with ‘Voice of Truth’, a girl spoke eloquently about how she lived in a society where the negative words were everywhere, bullying, put downs, and so on...but that when she saw this performance she realized that she is significant, important, loved, redeemed; she doesn't have to be negative to others; and that she will carry this message with her for the rest of her life.  That is a moment that our Immanuelights will never forget! 

The group left Saturday morning and after a stop in Moosejaw to visit the Tunnels which were full of history about the Chinese Immigrants and then Al Capone, the group arrived safely back in Lethbridge, feeling very tired, but thankful for God’s blessings and providence once again.

The Immanuelights will now be preparing and practicing for new pieces and they will be giving their year end performances at ICSS on April 3 and 4. They hope to see lots of people come out! 

Submitted by Carolyn Kruisselbrink on February 19, 2020

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