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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Staff Directory

Main Phone: (403) 328-4783


Matthew Bekkering


Laura Witten

Vice-Principal/Learning Supports Teacher


Patty Butler


Jen Day


Dean Degner

Grade 8 ELA/Social Studies, P.E. 10, High School Athletics

Kristy Dekens

Grade 6 ELA/Social Studies/P.E.

Danielle Friesen

Grade 8 Math/Science

Lee-Ann Groenheide

HS ELA, HS Foods and Fashion

Charlene Heins


Roxanne Houweling

Grade 7 ELA/Social Studies

Terry Kruisselbrink

HS Math, HS Outdoor Education

Timothy Loewen

Grade 7 Math/Science, HS/MS Computers

Craig McCarthy

Grade 6 Bible/Math/Science/Computers

Maureen Milne

HS Social Studies

Brenda Nieuwenhuis

French, MS Foods

Jaime Oancia

HS ELA/Social Studies, CALM, Religious Meanings

Vince Peters

HS Science

Jon VandeGriend

Grades 6-9 P.E., HS/MS Bible, MS Athletics Director

Educational Assistants

Alice Houweling

Tasha More

Teresa Selles

Support Staff

Melanie Gill

Administrative Assistant

Benita Hummel

Business Support

Dylan Procee

Wood Technology

Marilyn VanderWekken

Learning Commons Facilitator

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