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ICSS Athletics Sponsorship

Our mission at Immanuel Christian Schools is to provide an environment in which God calls His children to develop and use their gifts for joyful service in His kingdom.  This takes place both in the classroom and the gymnasium.

The ICS Eagles Athletics program provides students a safe place to be physically active, develop skills in their sport of choice, and to make connections with their peers.  Through the gift of sport, coaches and athletes foster relationships that go beyond the sport itself. 

In order for the ICS Eagles Athletics program to develop and grow, we need the support of local businesses and families like yourself.  Your financial support will purchase new equipment, provide skilled coaching staff, and help cover expenses for Eagles athletes to travel to out-of-town tournaments and events.

We would like to invite you to take part in our ICS Eagles Athletics Sponsorship program.  This program will allow you to let the community know that you support the ICS Eagles through advertising signage in the large gym at ICSS.  Please note that businesses who participate in this program will not receive a charitable tax receipt, but rather an advertising invoice.  Families and individuals who participate will have the ability to receive a charitable tax receipt from the Lethbridge School Division.

Sponsorship options include:

  • 1-year commitment for $750*
  • 3-year commitment for $2,100 ($150 savings)
  • 5-year commitment for $3,500 ($250 savings)

Each sponsorship commitment would include a 2 x 4 sign in the ICSS large gym with your business logo and contact information or family name.  This sign will be displayed throughout the school year and will be seen by everyone who enters the ICS large gym during home games, tournaments, school chapels and Society community events.

Questions?  For more information or to sign up to be one of our ICS Eagles Sponsors today, contact Monica Loewen at director@immanuelcs.ca or one of our ICSS Athletics Directors