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Parent / Teacher Conference

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Alberta Learning: A Parent's Guide to Your Child's Education


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School Fees

In June 2017, the Alberta government passed Bill 1 - An Act To Reduce School Fees. Part of the legislation included requiring schools to post to their websites the current fees that parents may be expected to pay for are those that are specific to specialized programs (e.g. foods classes, shop, art, band, etc.), co-curricular pursuits (e.g. field trips or special events), extracurricular pursuits (e.g. school athletics), special materials that go beyond basic supplies (e.g. yearbooks) and student organizations (e.g. student council). The link below lists those fees. Please note the following:

  • All fees must be listed as "Per Student". Thus, the Society Fee is listed in this document in that format rather than the usual "Per Family".
  • The Option Course Fees and the Non-Curricular Goods and Services Fees are included in the above Society Fee.
  • The Non-Curricular Travel Fee, the Extra-Curricular Fee as well as the Activity Fee are set to the maximum amount a parent may have to pay. In almost all cases, the actual fee should be lower due to fundraising activities. Please also note that the existence of an Extra-Curricular Travel Fee does not mean that the school has approved a particular travel trip. 

If you have any questions about the fees, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal.

2024-2025 School Fees