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Exam Information

High School Exam Schedule (June 2022) CLICK HERE

Middle School Exam Schedule (June 2022) CLICK HERE


Links to Additional Information

Alberta Education Diploma Exams Bulletin
Information bulletins are produced in all the diploma examination subjects. The purpose of information bulletins is to provide students and teachers with information about the diploma examinations.

Student Guides to Diploma Exams
The guides have been prepared by members of Alberta Education's Learner Assessment Branch. These individuals develop the examinations and have first-hand experience assessing thousands of examinations written by high school students each year. The purpose of the guides is to provide students with information that will increase the likelihood of their sucess in the examination.

Preparing for Diploma Exams
Are you planning to write a diploma exam and need more information? This bulletin provides details on registration, rewriting diploma exams, exam schedules and much more.