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Course Registration

The Student Registration Guide is there to help students and parents make informed decisions regarding course selection. As students, you will spend at least three years earning your high school diploma. If you are to get the most out of the many opportunities our school offers, you need to plan a program that considers each of these years. Read the information carefully and follow the steps below. Aim to get as much as possible out of these three years, and you will increase your chances of success in your personal development and your chosen career.

 At ICSS, we offer a wide range of programs:

  • Academic
  • Career and Technology Studies (CTS)
  • Knowledge and Employability Program (K & E)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
  • Special Education

If there are questions regarding our programs or courses, please call the school at 328-4783 and ask to speak to a school administrator or Career Practitioner.

ICSS uses My BluePrint to help students plan their high school courses and pathways. All students are signed up on My BluePrint.

Parents: If you are interested in opening a Parent Account and linking it with your son/daughter's account, click on this link for details.

Course Selection - Open for Students In Grades 9 to 12

Sign into My BluePrint to select courses. Click on the Information Icon below to access the Course Selection Guide.

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Information and Forms

Course Schedule

Grade 9 to 12 (2019/2020)

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